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How Do We Change Our Health Destiny?

Ready for the world

Humans today are faced with challenges that didn't exist 10 years ago yet, our education systems have changed very little in the past 100 years. What life skills do our young people need in order to thrive in today's world? How can we prepare our youth for the future world they will inherit?

3 Core Principles Interwoven and Taught Every Day Will Change The World


The HHI 21st Century Human Health Course not only provides daily movement but, the education and science behind the "why" so that daily activity is achieved because they believe it should be. 


More than 70% of deaths are related to preventable diet & lifestyle factors. Truth in Human Nutrition is a must in our schools and the HHI works with world leaders in nutrition to develop and provide the best nutrition education in the world. 


The Keystone holding the other two core principles in 'balance' is our mental & behavioral health. Daily practices to improve mindfulness will make the other two core principles possible. 

What do you know now ...

that you wish you knew when you were 15?


The HHI works with leading experts in exercise and health to put together hundreds of interactive videos to follow along with in the classroom, at the community center, and even in your home. Incorporating movement breaks during class are a daily routine in the HHI curriculum. 


The curriculum also teaches the physiology of how movement positively affects the health of every major body system. Understanding why and how exercise improves vitality and total body health is the foundation of the HHI curriculum. When someone understands why movement works, they are much more likely to "move" without making excuses or reasons not to.  


The HHI nourishment curriculum covers three Core Principles: Science of Foods & the Body, Growing Foods, and Cooking/Preparing Foods


Understanding how the digestive system works and how to avoid diet-related diseases is essential to vitality. Navigating the complex landscape of packaging and food labels is covered in great detail. Getting back to our farming roots, our curriculum teaches others how to grow many types of foods in any living situation. Cooking/Preparing foods are core to the cultural experience of the HHI curriculum as we introduce hundreds of new flavors and foods to your palette in a delicious, hands-on learning experience. We work with nutrition experts to deliver the most up to date information on how to eat to thrive.


Many education systems produce brilliant and talented individuals but, few if any train these young students the coping skills necessary to handle stress, anxiety, and depression. 


The HHI curriculum incorporates the physiology of stress and how stress, anxiety, and depression affect the health of the entire body as well as your relationships with others. Thought of by many as the keystone to a healthy body, proper mental/behavioral health provides the environment for good choices around nutrition and exercise. 


The HHI incorporates advanced techniques so that every student learns several different strategies for coping with stress, anxiety, and depression and these techniques are practiced daily in the human health course.

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