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Ryan C.

This is the most important, life-changing class I have ever taken.

Giovanni T. 

Having a history of Diabetes in my family, I know I will be the first in a LONG time to not have Diabetes thanks to the knowledge I've gained from this class.

Zenaida F.

I was blind about food before I joined this class. It not only saved my life but, my family's life as well. 

Kayla S.

This course can change your life and may even save your life or the lives of those around you

Audriana A.

It took me one semester to see that I have been granted access to a fountain of knowledge that no one in my family has had the chance to have.

Francisco L.

This course is ESSENTIAL to everyone and your life will change after taking it. Literally.

Steven C.

This is the only class that really changed my life...Now I'm learning to cook at home and my life is better for it.

Sergio S.

The increases in obesity and diseases in children has one simple solution. People need to learn about food. 

Rogelio C.

After taking this amazing class I am a human reborn again with the knowledge to live a healthy life


My mom started cooking more often before my sports practices so I can eat better instead of eating fast food.

Evelyn H.

This class is the most important class you can take.

Reyna C.

Meditation has been the best thing that's happened to me. I now use meditation outside of class whenever I am stressing out.

Krusha P.

Meditation has truly changed the way I think and helped me get rid of any anxiety I have.

Brisa N.

I get up every morning and make smoothies for my family and with this my dad has been able to control and reverse his diabetes. 

Jayme V.

As a person who struggles with anxiety, I can definitely say that coming to class and having a moment of relief through meditation has been a big help.

Nicole A.

Because of your teachings, my eyes were open to the possibility of eating healthy food that is also delicious. It is a life style my husband and I are proud to share with our son.

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