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Human Health Initiative Founder & President

 Jason Tate

Jason Tate, Founder, Human Health Initiative
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"Our willpower can only bring us to the limits of our knowledge." - Jason Tate

Jason Tate's Story


Jason Tate was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ (U.S.) where he grew up with his young brother under the love and wisdom of a powerful single mother who taught him to follow his passion in life and that nothing was impossible. Eventually, that passion led him to a career in science education where he found great joy in sharing the wonders of nature with others. 


Blessed in a career that he would do for free, Jason Tate continued to evolve and adapt to the needs of his students and eventually began sharing the biology of nutrition in 2006. After seeing how well his students responded to learning about whole foods through the infamous Fruit Lab, Mr. Tate decided to create a formal nutrition education course to teach in the high school which he called The Physiology of Digestion. This class not only changed the trajectory of his life but, the lives of hundreds of young adults as well as their families. By sharing the science of food education, Jason Tate discovered an elegant solution to the pandemic of dietary and lifestyle-related diseases that are plaguing human populations around the world. He says that "time travel is possible". Mr. Tate has asked many adults the question, "Would you go back in time, if you could, and share what you know now about human health?" and, of course, everyone enthusiastically says 'YES!'. Then, without blinking he says "I am fortunate enough to do this every day I am with my students. The world's educators have an opportunity ... no, a responsibility to share the tools needed for us to live healthy, disease-free lives and we have a captive audience for 180 days every year within which to do so."​

After only a couple years of teaching nutrition education to teens, Jason Tate was inspired by his friend and now a board member, Eric Corey Freed, to write a book about this journey. FOODUCATION: An Educator's Journey To Discovering An Answer To The Toughest Test Our Youth Will Ever Take has been writing itself ever since. Just when life was spinning at a dizzying pace, Jason Tate suffered the tragic death of his 62-year-old mother to the very thing that he was educating the future youth to avoid, dietary & lifestyle related disease. In the shadow of the loss of his lifelong friend and mentor, Jason Tate eventually garnered the strength to do even more than he ever had before. A new challenge presented itself in the year he lost his mother that would change the trajectory of his life yet again. 
In the Fall of 2015, Jason Tate accepted the role as Director of the Health Academy at the high school where he transformed the 3-year pre-med health academy into a 4-year Health & Wellness Academy focused on producing health care professionals with extensive knowledge of nutrition, physical education, and mental/behavioral health sciences. A little more than a year has passed since this new role presented itself and enrollment has nearly tripled to around 300 students. In that time, Jason Tate has attended nearly a dozen medical conferences, completed 12-days of training in advanced mind-body medicine with the Centers for Mind-Body Medicine, met with leaders in world-renowned organizations such as the Institute for Functional Medicine and the Institute for Systems Biology, and created the nation's first High School Health & Wellness Academy. Graduates of this Academy receive hundreds of hours of training in mind-body skills, functional medicine, integrative medicine, medical terminology, advanced medical laboratory techniques and procedures, as well as experience in the modalities of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Yoga. In their senior year, these pre-med students are enrolled in a Diet & Nutrition Therapy course that offers far more medical nutrition education than they will likely ever receive after high school in their pursuit of becoming health care professionals. 
In July of 2017, Jason Tate completed a 12-month rigorous course to become a nationally certified functional medicine health coach through the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. This comes a few months after his dream to form an international nonprofit to deliver health & wellness education worldwide has come true; the Human Health Initiative, Inc. Driven by the love and loss of his mother, the passion of others to spread the word, and using his natural talents and abilities to inspire others and create relevant rigorous curriculum, Jason Tate and his team will not rest until health & wellness education is the standard in schools around the world. 
Goldfish Leaping, Increase Knowledge

As stated above, "our willpower can only bring us to the limits of our knowledge." When we don't have the wisdom or knowledge to improve our health, it doesn't matter how bad you want it, you're like a fish in a small bowl. "It is only when we increase our knowledge of the body and how our diet and lifestyle affect our own personal health that we can become healthier. Just as you might desperately want to cook a meal, without the ingredients or tools to do so, it is virtually impossible." This is the root foundation of the Human Health Initiative. One of our goals is to have the world leaders in health, vitality, and wellness educate and train the world's educators so that they may transfer this invaluable knowledge on to our youth, the future of human civilization. In doing so, we will eradicate and mitigate the crushing grip that chronic diseases have on humans around the world. - Jason Tate

Jason Tate was awarded the Desert Health Wellness Award in the Individual Category for 2017. 
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